The design for health and wellbeing lab is designing better healthcare experiences with patients, their families and staff.

The Design for Health & Wellbeing Lab is a collaboration between the Auckland DHB and AUT improving healthcare experiences with patients, families and staff at Auckland City Hospital. We customise our approach to your problem, using Human-Centred Design to encourage collaboration, empathy, creativity, and prototyping. We work on a project-by project basis with all design disciplines to create solutions across spaces, environments, communication, services, digital and physical products.

The Lab enables designers to consult on wide range of projects in fields such as product, graphic and spatial design. Students at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels engage with the hospital through the lab and have access to the real-world context of healthcare. All the work conducted through the lab is research, contributing to wider body of knowledge around design and health. 

We created a toolkit to demonstrate how we design. Click here to view.