Antibiotic resistance has become a significant issue in modern medicine and an immediate threat to global public health. When incorrectly or over prescribed, antibiotics become ineffective in treating life-threatening infectious bacteria and diseases. E-medicine prescribing resources provide doctors with evidence-based antibiotic guidelines, but are slow to access or difficult to follow when prescribing.

The DHW Lab worked in collaboration with pharmacists and researchers from Auckland DHB and the University of Auckland to develop a smartphone app that provides clinicians quick and simple access to real-time antibiotic guidelines.  

The Script app is a finalist at this years 2016 Best Design Awards in the Applications category.

Doctors enter patient symptoms into Script, which formulates the recommended antibiotic treatment plan. Any drug reactions or conflicts a patient may have are immediately highlighted to minimise prescription error. For junior doctors, Script supports their continued learning of the evidence-based antibiotic guidelines, and helps increase their confidence when prescribing antibiotics. This should increase rates of correct prescription and ultimately lead to better patient outcomes.

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