Ida: Dabigatran reversal

This Reversing Dabigatran Application—Ida (Idarucizumab), is designed for clinicians to help them manage reversal of patients on the anticoagulant Dabigatran. It will be useful to anaesthetists, emergency specialists, surgeons, general practitioners, cardiologists and haematologists.

The Reversing Dabigatran App will help clinicians to:  

• Identify patients with an urgent need to reverse       Dabigatran

• Provide safe advice to rapidly reverse the drug if     bleeding occurs. 

• Develop an appropriate treatment protocol               around elective surgery

• Immediately reverse dabigatran prior to                   emergency surgery


The DHW Lab worked in collaboration with anaesthetists, haematologists, pharmacists and researchers from Auckland DHB to develop a smartphone app that provides clinicians quick and simple access to the real-time Idarucizumab guideline to reverse patients taking Dabigatran. 

In medical emergencies, Ida makes clinical decision-making to reverse patients’ Dabigatran effects faster and easier. As a mobile app, healthcare professionals can retrieve adaptable medical information on the go. Designed for anaesthetists to use in surgery, the app determines the administration of Idarucizumab to a patient. The guideline app individualises care by making clinical information more accessible, efficient and automated, while encouraging accurate decision-making.