LEvel 8 Whanau area

Its somewhere to sit, not stand. That’s about all you could say really...
— Family Member

The level 8 whanau area can be a place of extreme grief and anxiety as family groups wait for news of their loved ones from the surgical wards. Currently the level 8 whanau rooms are awkwardly located in the centre of the overbridge, creating a dfficult thoroughfare through the space. If the three, dark rooms are occupied, other family groups are left to manage with the leftover areas (tatty seats that line the corridors). 

How might we:

  • Create a sense of refuge and calm?

  • Embrace the dynamic use of space in the new layout?

  • Provide the opportunity for private conversations within an open space?

  • Enable social interactions between family/whanau groups?

  • Provide an environment that is comfortable for all users, day and night?

  • Create an environment that engages and provides activities for children?

  • Provide appropriate access to well-maintained amenities?

  • Better inform family/whanau of facilities on level 8?

  • Provide relevant services and useful information?

  • Be inclusive and welcoming of all cultures?

  • Ensure the space can be easily cleaned and maintained? 

If it was more open you could see more easily what is there; it is not obvious who can use it. It is also good to have a private place for smaller families to sit.
— Family Member


The views out to the Rangitoto are spectacular. This concept design relocates the large whanau areas so they are closer to the windows, in order to capitilise on natural light and the beautiful views out to the harbour.

Exisiting Layout

New Concept

In this concept design the overbridge thoroughfare is viewed as a ‘stream’ connecting the two buildings, with ‘eddies’ forming quiet zones off the main current. The main thoroughfare helps the path of circulation flow through the space, while the waiting areas are still. Line of sight through the space is dramatically improved. 

I don’t want walls; the families build bonds between each other.
— Staff Member