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Patient Journey Map


This was our first project.

The Auckland City Hospital Adult Emergency Department (AED) sees approximately 70,000 patients a year, over 40% of which are unwell enough to be admitted as in-patients.


A patient in the emergency department waiting room may have little idea of how the service works, or where their care begins and ends. Patients with less serious conditions may watch others be prioritised, without any discernible justification, while they wait for treatment. This lack of understanding of the process can make them frustrated and anxious.

The Patient Journey Map was designed to clearly explain how the emergency department functions. Working with nurses, doctors and patients, the design solution used a clear, approachable graphic language to explain the process. Specific emphasis was placed on helping staff to replace clinical jargon with simple language that everyone understand. The animation of this Journey map has been translated into 7 Languages and is also being used outside of New Zealand.

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