How we turned a problem into an opportunity: Prototyping wayfinding for the hospital main entrance

The hospital has been in the process of refurbishing its main entrance. New retailers, flooring, paint, and consequently, new wayfinding have been a large part of the work. As the area has a high amount of traffic, with over 1 million visitors a year, the refurbishment has been phased over a series of months. As walls get painted, old signs have to come down. Usually, old signage or laminated A3s would go up after the work is complete, to help people find their way before the new signage is installed.

However, the team realised this was a unique opportunity. During this interim phase we are using the time wisely—to test signage at actual size in the coming months before the final installation. These prototypes are in a highly visible and public area, and for most, will be the first demonstration of a more strategic approach to wayfinding on site. 

Thanks to the Facilities team for allowing us to give it a go, and to make sure we've got it right!