Jen Loy: 3D printing

Here at the design Lab, we are interested in how 3D printing can help to improve patient and staff experience in different medical situations. Jen Loy,  one  of our partners from Griffith University on the Gold Coast, summarises the benefits of 3D printing in this sort clip:

Dr Jennifer Loy runs the 3D Design major, QCA Gold Coast. She also supervises students on the Master of Arts in Visual Arts program who have Product Design as their major and DVA / PhD students with project interests in areas that are related to her research.

Jennifer Loy has a PhD in Industrial Design, with a research focus on sustainable design practice. Her current research interests are in the re-localisation of manufacturing, socio-cultural sustainability and learning through making (digital fabrication). She is part of the Transformative Technologies Research study group looking at the impact of disruptive technologies (such as 3D printing) on patterns of design, production and consumption and has a passion for exploring the interaction of designer maker, values based approaches with value adding through the use of digital fabrication – both subtractive and additive manufacturing (3D printing).

Jen has an industry background in furniture design for both mass and batch production in Australia and the UK, and was a Research Fellow at the Centre for Sustainable Architecture with Wood.