APAC Conference

As part of the Asia-Pacific Premier Healthcare Conference (APAC), the Auckland DHB hosted a pre-conference intensive. The DHW lab ran an open home for conference attendees to see an example of  forward thinking intiatives to improve the patient experience.

The Lab also put together a publication that was characterised by a more subtle and minimal style of communication design. Discussing complex and information-heavy subject matter, it was paired with clean typography and simple infographics, disrupted with textured black and white imagery. Focusing on interaction with the publication rather than passive reading, the 3 core sections leave room for note taking. The back cover folds out to postcards and a thank you note tucked away, with writing, folding, and sending instructions on each. 

Product designer Josh Munn presented at the event with Principal Pharmacist Rob Ticehurst on the use of 3D printing in the clinical context. A medical conference is perhaps an unorthodox place for a product designer, but its exciting to see such tangible example of clinicians and designers working collaboratively. There was genuine interest in both the exhibited project, the role of the design lab in Auckland hospital and how the venture could be replicated in different hospitals across Australasia.