Researcher Profile: Jaye Buchbinder


Our newest member of the lab is Jaye Buchbinder, coming from California to work on research towards the opportunities and stakeholder understanding of the DHW lab. She’s currently a Master's student at Stanford University in Management Science and Engineering, looking at the intersection between management effectiveness and efficiency as well as entrepreneurship and scaling innovation. During her undergrad (also at Stanford), Jaye studied Sustainable Design and Engineering, where she spent a lot of time in the engineering department and design school studying sustainability not only in the environmental sense but also in longevity of design and impact on people.

Her experience with design is a wide range between sustainable engineering at Emeco, an American furniture manufacturer, to materials engineering at BMW, product launch design at Victoria’s Secret, teaching design thinking across Asia, and innovation scaling at the Stanford Hospital for her most recent research project.

She is incredibly excited to be in the land of the Kiwi’s, already addicted to the coffee here, absolutely loves picking up new slang, and always looking to make her trip chockablock of adventures!