Eden Short was recently published in the second launch of Stemme that took place last week.  Stemme is known to be a space for dialogue and discussion and a new edition is launched annually. Stemme focuses on inspiring the formation of collectives and collaborations within the design community it strives to probe beyond established design disciplines, challenging current design discourse, and ultimately enriching it.

Eden’s article was a featured in the new edition of Stemme this year it illustrated the ideologies behind the lab. It demonstrates the importance of engaging staff, family , patients and visitors when it comes to designing meaningful and useful solutions within a hospital.

Eden highlights the value of the lab by saying in her article that “building on relationships and connecting projects streams, we are thinking about not only how the project will work well within the brief, but also how it fits into the diverse ecosystem that is Auckland DHB. We’re not just designing for problems in the present, but how they fit but our future hospital”.