Catalyst Seeding Programme


The DHW Lab co-directed by Steve Reay from AUT was recently awarded funding ($80,000) under the prestigious Catalyst Seeding programme (Royal Society of New Zealand).

This programme is aimed to facilitate new small and medium pre-research strategic partnerships with a view to developing full collaborations that could be supported through Catalyst: Strategic over time.  The application centered around developing the partnership the DHW lab has with Sheffield Hallam University’s Lab4Living, and AUT Centre for Person Centered Research and will explore design opportunities for people living with dementia in hospital and the community. 

In the first of several activities planned under the research, a small team, including Steve, Ivana and Reid will head up to Sheffield in September to work with the Lab4living, and participate in workshops with people living with dementia, their families and researchers.

This is an exciting opportunity for the lab to grow our international relationships with others working in design for health; we Look forward to sharing how this collaboration develops!