Research Assistant (Qualitative) - DHW Lab


Research Assistant - Design for Health and Wellbeing Lab (DHW Lab)

The Design for Health and Wellbeing Lab (DHW Lab) is a new dynamic research collaboration between AUT University and the Auckland District Health Board (ADHB). The aims of the Lab include establishing and developing a community of interdisciplinary design-led research to developing products, services, systems and experiences for improved health and wellbeing of our population.

A fixed term position is available for Research Assistant to undertake design-led research to support the aims and objectives of the lab.

  • Provide support on research projects
  • Contribute to data collection; this will include help with recruitment and management of research participants, conducting fieldwork, interviews, data collection, processing data (field notes, transcriptions) and literature reviews.
  • Contribute to data analysis. 
  • Produce reports of the work conducted in both written and spoken forms, including manuscript preparation.  
  • Develop understanding of how design tools and processes work to create potential for innovation
  • Participate in multi-person, multi-disciplinary research and development projects involving designers, researchers, clinicians, and administration staff from AUT and ADHB.
  • Other research related work as required

The successful applicants will work in partnership with others in the lab to carry out design projects, tasks and activities associated with the DHWLab. Applicants must be able to multi-task, be flexible in their working hours and have excellent interpersonal skills along with being empathetic and compassionate. A postgraduate (masters or higher) qualification in appropriate research is required:

  • A background in one of the following areas: Sociology, Nursing, Health Psychology, Anthropology; Organisation Studies; Science and Technology Studies; Design.
  • A Masters degree is preferred.
  • Understanding of Ethnographic / Design research.
  • Self-motivated but also have ability to provide meaningful contributions and work well in a multidisciplinary team.
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills.

Closing Date: 3 August 2016, 5.00pm

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