Transition lounge

Transition Lounge Installation

Recently, we posted about installing a new set of signage designs for the Transition Lounge ward in the Level 5 public space. The job has been completed along side a  awareness campaign for the services offered by the Transition Lounge. A similar exercise is currently underway with ED waiting room to communicate key information and visual cues through simple, bold colour blocking. These hi-fi prototypes are ideal for testing in the hospital and contribute to a more informed approach to way finding hospital wide. Transition Lounge Photo small Transition Lounge 2Wheelchair

In Situ Posters

Transition Lounge Signage

As apart of the lab's work to improve public spaces, we are working with staff on a campaign to help both patients and other hospital wards understand how to use the Transition Lounge:Transition Lounge Awareness Patients Final Transition Lounge Awareness Staff Final

In addition to this campaign, we are testing a new signage and way finding language in the space. Using an in-house vinyl cutter we are able to quickly mock up signage solutions and test there suitability before install.

Transition Lounge