The lessons we learnt from prototyping Starship Outpatients.


We installed wayfinding prototypes in Starship Outpatients which has recently been refurbished. The department has a high number of different clinics running through this space on any given day. Due to this, there are a variety of patient journeys and processes. We needed to test our ideas to see what would work best to try streamline patient journeys through the space, taking into consideration current and future process changes. 

Tiled A3's were spray glued on coreflute and hung in the space. Rather than prototyping signage for the entire department, one route was chosen to test. When installed, we sought feedback from families and staff in the space, to gauge what was working, and what needed improvement. The iterative and low-fi nature of the designs meant we could quickly respond with changes.  

Going forward we're now consolidating the lessons learnt from prototyping, and incorporating these into the final design for install. 

IMG_0852 copy.jpg

Transition Lounge Installation

Recently, we posted about installing a new set of signage designs for the Transition Lounge ward in the Level 5 public space. The job has been completed along side a  awareness campaign for the services offered by the Transition Lounge. A similar exercise is currently underway with ED waiting room to communicate key information and visual cues through simple, bold colour blocking. These hi-fi prototypes are ideal for testing in the hospital and contribute to a more informed approach to way finding hospital wide. Transition Lounge Photo small Transition Lounge 2Wheelchair

In Situ Posters

Transition Lounge Signage

As apart of the lab's work to improve public spaces, we are working with staff on a campaign to help both patients and other hospital wards understand how to use the Transition Lounge:Transition Lounge Awareness Patients Final Transition Lounge Awareness Staff Final

In addition to this campaign, we are testing a new signage and way finding language in the space. Using an in-house vinyl cutter we are able to quickly mock up signage solutions and test there suitability before install.

Transition Lounge

Studentship Presentation Day

The 90 day Rosella internship programme run with DHW lab recently presented their final outcomes to both hospital staff and sponsors. The focus of the programme was wayfinding and information design at the ADHB. There were three man work streams: -Mapping and wayfinding throughout the hospital.

-Developing the Emergency department dashboard for explaining wait times to patients.

-A digital wall display in the level 5 over bridge space.

The team took those present at the final presentation on a simulation walkthrough from Car park A to the AED, pinning up full scale redesigned maps and creating kiosk mock ups along the Journey.

Well done to all who were involved in participating in and supporting this 90 day studentship programme. We look forward to seeing how these projects progress!

studentship1 studentship3 studentship4

Way Finding Process Work

The summer studentship at the DHW lab will be wrapping up in the next few weeks. As mentioned in previous posts, way finding has been a major focus of the work and is a significant component of both patient visitor and staff experience of the hospital. Take a look here at some of the students' process work and stay tuned for their up coming final presentations. 2_4_15 Wayfinding post

2_4_15 Wayfinding post2

2_4_15 Wayfinding post4

Marino Ward Signage

As part of our on-going efforts to prototype and test new signage/way finding concepts for the hospital, the Marino Ward on level 14 recently had a set of prototypes installed. The Lab worked with staff and the service improvement manager who have been concentrating their efforts on initiatives to reduced the number of falls around the toilets and showers. The signage has been well received and similar to AED feedback, there is scope to develop backlighting for the designs. Marino Signage_2 Marino Signage_6 Marino Signage_7