Studentship Presentation Day

The 90 day Rosella internship programme run with DHW lab recently presented their final outcomes to both hospital staff and sponsors. The focus of the programme was wayfinding and information design at the ADHB. There were three man work streams: -Mapping and wayfinding throughout the hospital.

-Developing the Emergency department dashboard for explaining wait times to patients.

-A digital wall display in the level 5 over bridge space.

The team took those present at the final presentation on a simulation walkthrough from Car park A to the AED, pinning up full scale redesigned maps and creating kiosk mock ups along the Journey.

Well done to all who were involved in participating in and supporting this 90 day studentship programme. We look forward to seeing how these projects progress!

studentship1 studentship3 studentship4


Happy new year from the team here at the DHW lab.  Projects are well underway and there a lots of new opportunities ahead of us in 2015. The end of January is fast approaching and the Rosella programme summer studentships (focussing of way finding in the hospital), have been full speed over the summer period.  We also have the official launch of the lab space and website coming up, so stay in touch and thanks for stopping by our blog. Bring on 2015!