Official Lab Launch


On the 6th of May, the Lab had an official launch event to mark the bringing together of Design and Health at the ADHB. The event was a chance to celebrate how the Lab has developed over the last year into a lively and engaging design space in the heart of Auckland Hospital. The event saw represenatives from both  ADHB and AUT share their support of the venture and recognised the value of placing the experience of patients and families at the heart of design opportunities.


Thank you to all took the time to come and join us at the Launch event - It was a full house with approximately 80 people from the ADHB, AUT and Industry coming to support. We look forward to the road ahead and we hope you come and visit us again soon to check in!


At the Launch a short Film was shown documenting the beginnings of the Lab and its vision for Design in the Hospital.


Happy new year from the team here at the DHW lab.  Projects are well underway and there a lots of new opportunities ahead of us in 2015. The end of January is fast approaching and the Rosella programme summer studentships (focussing of way finding in the hospital), have been full speed over the summer period.  We also have the official launch of the lab space and website coming up, so stay in touch and thanks for stopping by our blog. Bring on 2015!