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The lessons we learnt from prototyping Starship Outpatients.


We installed wayfinding prototypes in Starship Outpatients which has recently been refurbished. The department has a high number of different clinics running through this space on any given day. Due to this, there are a variety of patient journeys and processes. We needed to test our ideas to see what would work best to try streamline patient journeys through the space, taking into consideration current and future process changes. 

Tiled A3's were spray glued on coreflute and hung in the space. Rather than prototyping signage for the entire department, one route was chosen to test. When installed, we sought feedback from families and staff in the space, to gauge what was working, and what needed improvement. The iterative and low-fi nature of the designs meant we could quickly respond with changes.  

Going forward we're now consolidating the lessons learnt from prototyping, and incorporating these into the final design for install. 

IMG_0852 copy.jpg

Pharmacy Redesign


The main driver behind the Auckland City Hospital Pharmacy redesign is taking the current retail gift shop focus, and making it a health and wellbeing service, decreasing wait times for prescriptions, and providing more nutritional health-based  products. A large part of this redesign is a cost-effective 'quick win'. This is seeing what we can accomplish now to improve the pharmacy's functionality, and later inform decision making around a future-proposal for a brand new pharmacy. 

Using co-design, the team have been incorporating the pharmacy staff in the design process using a variety of tools to engage them in the process.

Pharmacy WIP 7
Pharmacy WIP 7
Pharmacy WIP 1-2
Pharmacy WIP 1-2

LEVEL 5: Storytelling

Level 5 of the Auckland DHB Grafton campus is main floor of the hospital. Currently, the space is being reconsidered in the way it provides a welcome to hospital users and how it represents the values of the Auckland DHB. There are an incredible number of users of this space with just as many services being provided. Some primary research has been undertaking by a team at the ADHB to unpack and understand the complexity of this multi-use space. The DHW lab has been asked to help with packaging up this initial research phase of the project and communicate what has been done to date. Here is an impression of what the level 5 space is like to help us get our head around how we might tell the story of  level 5 , and where it could be taken in the future.

level 5-1small